Awesome Handmade Jewelry and creations!

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I want to know what you like…

So here I am writing this blog and what have I missed most of all I ask you? hmmm? I missed out on asking everyone what they would like. I’m sorry to come up here & start blogging about jewelry. You don’t know me from the man in the moon. But you’ll have to excuse me please. I am really new to this whole blogging scene(yet I have two blogs-go figure) lol

I’ve always been a person who loves to write long emails. But it’s different when you know you’re talking to somebody. Blogging is different in that aspect.I don’t know if anybody is reading this and if anybody wants to read this. I just don’t know. But I’m gonna keep doing it until I get it right.

So this all comes to: What do you want? I make handcrafted creations hence the name Lycelle Marie Creations. However, I do not want to just create create create without any consideration as to what people actually want & like. It would be pointless. So I ask you. What do you want?

Me personally, I create jewelry. So what kind of Jewelry do you like? Beaded. Chain. Multilayer necklaces & bracelets. Certain gemstones you prefer. Earrings-hoop, dangle, small large?

My mom – the Lycelle part. She specializes in mostly crocheted items. She can crochet you a dress, skirt, something for your baby, purses, items for the house. The list goes on and on.

We also make other items as well, mostly upon request – candy sculptures, jumping brooms.

So let me know. I’m listening and waiting. Give me your comments and please show me love! *Kisses*


Swriling Ice Cream Photo Earrings – Inspired by the book “Swirling”

Just added these Cool new Photo Earrings. They are inspired by the Fantiastic Book “Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race,  Culture and Creed” by Christelyn Karazin & Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn.

Check them out on our Etsy site @



Buy the book “Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race,  Culture and Creed”  – Here


Front Back Earring

I just added a new earring. I love wearing these. They are Front/Back earrings. That’s the best definition I’ve seen for what they are called. They have an earring(usually smaller in the front and another dangling earring in the back.

I love it! I loved making it; now I love to offer it on my Etsy site. Check it out! Remember you get 15% off of your order if you enter the code: CRG29 when you check out of the site.

Have a happy Day!

Working all day making Photo Earrings

Ok so I have been spending all day making the new feature on the E-Commerce Site: Photo Earrings.

It’s going pretty well. I’m excited. It is my hope that people everywhere will really enjoy the Photo earrings. I’ve poured a lot of my heart and soul into making this earrings.

I have posted three basic types so far

1. The You Photo Earrings. These earrings are any photo that you want made into an earring. All you have to do is send me a photo of yourself, family, pet, car…whatever you want to showcase on your ears. I will then turn them into a lovely pair of earrings for you to display for the whole world to see 🙂

2. I have an original photo of fireworks that I shot. The photo was taken on my birthday – New Years Eve! It was a very special birthday and I got an awesome shot of fireworks!! These were made into earrings and are available for everyone to love.

3. The third earring that I put on the site today is a mustache. You may say, “Why are you putting mustache’s on earrings???” This is for Movember fundation. I have posted the earrings and will be donating 10% off every sale to the foundation. These earrings support men’s health. I’m hoping that a lot of contribution will be made to this foundation.

That’s about it for today. I have made more than one of each of these earrings. I have also been making other items too. I hove you enjoy and find some good items from our site as they continue to be added.

Photo Earrings

Photo Earrings